Keyring mounts for iButtons

Time is money! Don't waste your time with laboriously piecing together of iButtons with key ring mounts. We, as a specialised company, of course offer an answer of which we are proud of. With our automated equipment we have this work done for you in next to no time. Many of our customers benefit from this service on a regular base and really none of them want to miss it.

iButtons with keyring mounts (fob) in various colours

Further Services

You need ready-to-sell iButtons keys, individually packed and labeled? Please contact us. We are always interested in new challenges to ease the handling of iButtons for you as much as possible.

Magnetic iButtons

For applications requiring enduring or long lasting contact with iButtons, special versions of key fobs are available. Our solution features a nickel plated and polished metal ring, pressed around the iButton which is magnetically pulled by a special reader unit. Each iButton of F5 size can be fitted with such a metal ring by us.

We are not the exclusive supplier for this type of iButton, however you get from us impeccable quality guaranteed. This applies mainly to the metal ring and the required reader unit for the system. You may believe us, there are significant differences on the market.

Magnetic iButtons with keyring mounts in various colours

iButton with metal ring


Our origins lie in trading 1-Wire and iButton products. Customers from the B2B sector appreciate our reliable and straightforward way of working. Further advantages are:

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