About Us

mfeLABS as part of Moritz Fuchs Elektronik (short: MFE), develops products and services, mainly for iButton and 1-Wire applications. Our core competencies are electronic engineering, system integration and automated data processing.

In our development laboratory with joint workshop we have all the prerequisites to develop products for a wide range of scopes. By using the most advanced 3D printing technologies we have further on the ability to produce solid prototypes and small series. Thus we can reduce the times for development to the minimum.

Often our work starts with an idea and a blank sheet of paper. This is our passion. To be creative and to create things, not knowing before how to put it into practice.


Moritz Fuchs Elektronik was established in 2006. Started as a small improvised online shop for digital sensors, we quickly professionalized and specialized in iButton and 1-Wire applications.


Our boss doesn't like to talk about himself, but shouldn't be unmentioned on this website. At least we could persuade him to take this photo. If you would like to know him better, please write to us or just give us a call.